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Distributing a Deceased's Property


Distributing a Deceased's Property

What is a Will ?

A Will is a document to state the manner a person's property is to be distributed when he dies.

With a Will, how is the deceased's property distributed? ?

It will be distributed according to the will.

Without a Will, how is the deceased's property distributed?

Without a Will, the Law will decide on who shall inherit the assets as follows:-

Surviving Parties Manner of Distribution
Spouse only Spouse entitle to whole of the deceased's property
Parents only Parents entitle to whole of the deceased's property
Issues only Issues entitle to whole of the deceased's property
Spouse and Parents only Spouse (1/2 share) & Parents (1/2 share)
Spouse and Issues only Spouse (1/3 share) & Issues (2/3 share)
Parents and Issues only Parents (1/3 share) & Issues (2/3 share)
All Spouse, Parents & Issues Spouse (1/4 share), Parents (1/4 share), Issues (1/2)

Note: Issues refer to children and grandchilren.

How can family members or lawful beneficiaries inherit deceased's property?

Engage a lawyer to apply the followings from High Court or Land Office.
If a person die with a Will, a grant of probate is needed to distribute the property.
If a person die without a Will, a letter of adminsitration (LA) or a distribution order is needed to distribute the property.

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